Daniel DeMenthon
danielX@Xcfar.umd.edu (Remove Xs)


Short Bio

  1. -Senior Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Lab.

  2. -Program Director for Computer Vision Research at NSF

  3. -Associate Research Professor at the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS)

  4. -Researcher with the Language & Media Processing Lab (LAMP), the Center for Automation Research (CfAR), and the Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL) at University of Maryland

  5. -Researcher in Computational Fluid Dynamics at Dynaflow and Hydronautics


Most Recent Papers

  1. -Contour-based Recognition

  2. -The Image Torque Operator:
    A New Tool for Mid-level Vision

  3. -Geometric Rectification of Camera-Captured Document Images

  4. -Simultaneous Appearance Modeling and Segmentation for Matching People under Occlusion

  5. -Video Retrieval of Near-Duplicates using k-Nearest Neighbor Retrieval of Spatio-Temporal Descriptors

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Research Interests

  1. -Object recognition

  2. -Face recognition

  3. -Video surveillance

  4. -Segmentation, browsing, and classification of MPEG video

  5. -Document image analysis

  6. -Pose calculation and image registration

  7. -Range imaging

  8. -Vision based road following

  9. -Robot trajectory planning

  10. -Terrain simplification



  1. -NEW: Hierarchical Mean Shift, Space-Time Segmentation, Video Retrieval and Action Recognition

  2. -C++ code for applying Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) to sequences of observation vectors

  3. -POSIT

  4. -POSIT for Coplanar Points

  5. -SoftPOSIT v.0.9

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  1. -Skiing

  2. -Windsurfing

  3. -Kayaking

  4. -Coding with OpenCV

Updated August 2013